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Over the past ten years, there has been a 60% increase in the projected amount of concussions and other Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) among athletic youth. According to a C.D.C. report, there were about 153,375 TBIs among people from infants to 19 years of age in 2001. That number rose to approximately 248,418 by 2009.
Among the injured were football players, bicyclers, and children in playgrounds. It is believed that one of the reasons there is an increase in emergency room visits among youth is because, these days, more parents and coaches know the signs of a concussion or TBI. Knowing the signs of a concussion or TBI and getting medical attention as soon as possible is crucial. These symptoms may not appear immediately after the fall or injury.

Concussion and TBI Symptoms:
• Balance problems or dizziness
• Confusion
• Double or blurry vision
• Headache
• Inattentiveness
• Loss of consciousness
• Memory problems
• Nausea
• Pressure in the head
• Sensitivity to light and/or noise
• Vomiting

Some more reasons for the rise could be that high school students are larger and stronger than in the past, so they hit harder. They also tend to use their heads and helmets as weapons.

According to the CDC report, around 71% of ER visits for sport or recreation related TBIs occurred in boys. 70.5% of these visits were for children and young adults between the ages of 10 and 19. Children from infants to the age of 9 were more likely to sustain head injuries while bicycle riding or during playground activities.

Concussion and TBI Prevention:
• Bicyclers and football players should always wear a helmet that fits correctly.
• To help build strength and skills that can cut back on injury, conditioning exercises should be practiced regularly.
• Always play by the rules; they are there for a reason.
• Out of 50 states, 32 states have passed legislation making concussion education for youth, parents and coaches mandatory. Thankfully, Kansas and Missouri are two of the 32 states.

If a concussion does occur, be sure to seek medical attention. It is important that the injured person has mental and physical rest for the first several days after receiving the injury. This means resting in a dimly lit and quiet room. Not going to school, resuming sports activities, or watching television.

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