Olathe Fire Captain John Myers was a special guest speaker at Olathe South High school's "Operation Prom Night".  Myers was asked to speak to the kids about the dangers of teen driving.  What makes Capt. Myers unique to this event isn't his experience as a firefighter, however, but his experience as a father who lost his son in December following a tragic auto accident.

What started at Olathe South as a campaign to prevent drunk driving accidents on prom night has been expanded and now includes the dangers of teen drivers - including drunk driving.  The event started with a simulated crash that showed students, first hand, the chaos and trauma of a wreck.  Police officers, firefighters, along with Olathe South drama students all participated in the simulation. 

Following the crash simulation students filed into the auditorium alongside Capt. Myers.  Myers shared with the students his experience as a father with the audience.  As his voice cracked and he cried, Capt Myers spoke of going to the hospital and seeing his son bloody, with tubes sticking out of him.

At Roswold Law Group, we are always concerned about teen driving, as it is the leading cause of death for 15- to 20-year-olds.   This time of year, however, is especially dangerous due to prom nights throughout the Kansas City metro area.  Our experienced Kansas City Auto Accident Attorneys have seen the tragedy of teen crashes and we applaud every effort made to prevent these accidents.  Operation Prom Nigh is a shining example of educating our youth and we commend Capt. Myers for his courage to share his story with our Kansas City teens.

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