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Is it legal to drive on I-70 in Kansas with any amount of marijuana in your system?

No. It is not a defense for a driver who causes an I-70 car accident to say that he smoked just a little bit of pot.

While the momentum in this country may be toward legalizing pot in some circumstances, marijuana possession and use is still against the law in Kansas. However, even if pot were legal in Kansas, any amount of pot could make a driver negligent and could be relevant to your I-70 car accident injury case.

While it is illegal to drive in Kansas with any amount of marijuana in your bloodstream, you may still need to fight for a fair and just recovery if you have been hurt by a driver who was high. Despite the high driver’s negligence, the insurance company is unlikely to hand over a fair check without you, or your lawyer, persuading the insurance company to provide a fair settlement.

You have been hurt enough by someone else’s reckless decision to drive while taking illegal drugs. You should not also have to suffer the potentially long lasting impact of settling your case for less than it is worth.

Instead, we encourage you to educate yourself about your rights by browsing the free resources available on our website and by downloading our FREE book, Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim. We also encourage you to contact us directly if you’ve been hurt so that we can provide you with an individual and confidential consultation about your rights and possible recovery.

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