If you were injured in a commercial truck accident that wasn't your fault, you might know that it's best to retain an experienced truck accident attorney to settle your claim.

However, it may worrisome if you can't afford one, so you contemplate trying to negotiate an injury settlement on your own. Here's the good news: most lawyers handling cases like these provide services on a contingency fee basis. This is an affordable option to help an accident victim file a case correctly and have a better chance at rightful compensation.

How a Contingency Fee Arrangement Works

There are many advantages to hiring an attorney on a contingency fee basis.

how a lawyer's contingency fee works Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys

Perhaps the most important one is that you don't have to come up with a payment at the beginning of your case. When you're already struggling to pay your medical bills and basic monthly expenses, knowing you can secure expert legal counsel right away is a great relief.

Here's how these agreements work:

  • You only owe attorney fees if your lawyer settles your claim or wins your case at a trial. If the case isn't won or resolved, then you won't owe the attorney anything.
  • When your case is won, attorney fees are a percentage of what you receive in your settlement or jury verdict. Some attorneys charge a lower percentage if a claim is settled without the need for litigation.
  • Your attorney deducts his fees from the proceeds you receive. This means you won't need to write a check for his payment at the end of your case.

Before retaining a lawyer, ask for clarification regarding the amount of legal costs for your case. This should be outlined in a written agreement.

Other Potential Costs Involved in Your Case

Besides attorney fees, your lawyer may charge you the costs necessary to settle or litigate your case. These expenses often include medical record fees, a court filing fee for your lawsuit, expert witness fees, and deposition costs.

Some attorneys cover these expenses first and then deduct them from your settlement. Others want you to pay them upfront. Once again, before hiring legal counsel, ask for the approximate costs you'll incur and when payment is due.

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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