We are sorry to hear that you have been injured in an I-435 work zone accident. The aftermath of any accident—including one that occurs in a highway work zone—can be overwhelming. You need clear answers about what to do and when to do it.

Here’s Some Help

Immediately, or as soon as possible after your I-435 work zone accident you should:

  • Take pictures of the accident scene. Not only should you get pictures of the cars involved in this crash, but also of the area around the crash. Highway work zones change dramatically over time and the site may not look the same a few weeks after the accident. Accordingly, it is important to document what the site looked like at the time of your crash, if possible.
  • Get the names and contact information of witnesses. Other motorists and the construction workers on the site may have seen what happened and be able to provide valuable information in an investigation.
  • Accept medical help. You need to have a proper diagnosis and treatment plan in place.
  • Be cautious about talking to insurance adjusters. They may not have your best interest in mind and they will want to settle your case for as little as possible.
  • Talk to a lawyer about your rights.


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