How to Safely Control Your Motorcycle While Riding Downhill

When pursuing a claim for compensation after a car accident, it is important to have supporting evidence in your corner. The police report issued after the crash is one of the most crucial pieces of evidence victims often need for a successful claim. Unfortunately, human beings issue these reports, and humans can make mistakes. A mistake in a police report after a car accident can damage your claim, especially if the mistake relates to the fault determination. Fortunately, victims of car crashes can take action to try and correct an erroneous fault determination in a police report.

Tips for Amending a Fault Determination in an Accident Report After a Crash

While the process for amending a fault determination in a police report after a crash is not always easy, it can be done in many cases. The following are key facts about this process:

  • Amending a fault determination in a police report after a car accident is often more difficult than amending a factual error, such as incorrect vehicle or insurance information.
  • Amending a fault determination often requires following the specific rules and procedures of the police station that issued the report.
  • You may be required to add a statement to the accident report.
  • If the other driver violated a state traffic law, this serves as excellent support for your argument that the fault determination in the car accident case was incorrect.
  • If you were the victim of a type of accident that is almost always another driver’s fault, this is also strong support for your objection to the fault determination in the police report. Examples of these types of accidents include rear-end collisions and left-turn collisions.

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