Most survivors of traumatic brain injuries or head injury eventually being to open their eyes and wake up from a coma. In some cases they may even eventually obtain a good recovery albeit following a long and very challenging road. In the worst case scenario a traumatic brain injury victim never recovers further than to simply open his or her eyes. When an individual wakes up and sleeps but is unable to have any real interaction with those around them, this is known as or referred to as being in a persistent vegetative state. Clearly, this is one of the worst possible results of a traumatic brain injury. In between the spectrum represented by these two extremes, there is a very broad range and variety of ultimate outcomes following a head injury, some better, some worse, and some catastrophic. It is well established that serious traumatic brain injuries may take two years before maximum medical improvement is shown. In other words, the ultimate outcome following a head injury may not be ascertainable for many, many months. In our experience handling traumatic brain injury claims and cases, we find that Missouri and Kansas traumatic brain injury victims and their loved ones are sometimes frustrated when their physicians and other healthcare providers on their brain injury recovery medical team advise that they must take a wait and see approach concerning the ultimate outcome of their head injury. Unfortunately, this is often the only correct answer. However, there are some guidelines that help give some indication or clues to the likelihood and the extent of the ultimate recovery. For example, the more time someone has remained in a coma, the less likely that he or she will recover fully from a traumatic brain injury. Family and friends should also be prepared to accept a recovery process that takes much longer and is much more challenging than they might anticipate. Additionally, the extent of recovery is not always predictable. In rare cases a traumatic brain injury victim who suffers a longer coma can ultimately obtain a good recovery whereas other head injury victims can end up with catastrophic permanent injuries even after sustaining only a brief loss of consciousness. In general, traumatic brain injury victims without serious injuries tend to have a better result than those head injury victims who have also sustained some type of physical injury to another body part in addition to their head.

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