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I’ve been hurt in a Grandview Triangle car accident. At what point do I need to call a lawyer?

This question deserves two answers. First, let’s consider the technical answer to your question. There is no point when you need to call a lawyer. You have the right to call a lawyer, or not, as you see fit. You are not required to do so; however, if you are going to call a lawyer you need to do so before your time to file a case has expired.

Now, let’s consider the practical answer to your question. You are likely thinking that you might benefit from talking with an attorney and wondering when you should make the call. Should it be from the accident scene, your hospital bed, or when you have recovered enough to go back to work?

There Is No Magic Moment

There is no one time that is right for all car accident victims to call their lawyers. Generally, we recommend that you call as soon as possible after your Grandview Triangle accident. This will allow your lawyer to conduct an investigation and to advise you about protecting your rights as soon as possible. However, if you have not yet called despite your accident happening some time ago then we still encourage you to contact a lawyer today to find out more about protecting your rights and your legal recovery.

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