The idea that drunk drivers walk away from more accidents while their victims suffer more serious injuries has been tossed around for many years.  What is the truth?  Do drunk drivers tend to emerge from the tragedies they cause unscathed?

Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that drunk driving deaths declined under 10,000 for the first time in 2011.

The fact is, the idea that drunk drivers fare better came in part from a study conducted in the early 1980s at a Texas hospital.  In the study, the death rates of patients injured in drunk driving accidents were catalogued.  The death rate for the nondrinkers was one in six, while the rate for the drunk drivers was one in nine.  From that early study, the idea that walk away from their accidents has spread.  


While some other studies have come along and added to the idea that drunk drivers are injured less often, other research has supported the opposite notion.  A 1992 study conducted by a Vermont hospital showed that drunk drivers were six times more likely to die from their injuries than those who were not intoxicated.  Drinkers were also more likely to suffer serious head injuries.


The question may never be settled, but there are things about drunk driving accidents and serious injuries and death that are very well known.  In 2011, the more than 9,000 Americans died after being in a drunk driving accident.  Drunk drivers seriously injure and kill innocent people needlessly every year.

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