You have had an accident at work. Now what? Whether you know it or not, there are certain things you absolutely must do in order to protect yourself and your potential work injury claim. If you haven't already done so, you should watch our video entitled Four Things You MUST Do Once You Have Had An Accident At Work.
Here are four more things you should do once you have had an accident at work.
Fifth, you must attend all scheduled medical and physical therapy appointments. It is vitally important that you attend all scheduled appointments. Absences will not be tolerated and may lead to a premature termination of your medical treatment.
Sixth, you must work within the restrictions given to you. Although your employer may tell you they have work available within the restrictions given by the occupational/treating doctor, in reality the job may require tasks and efforts that are outside of the restrictions given. In this situation it is up to you to tell your employer specifically why you cannot do the job or certain tasks of the job. The burden is on you in this situation to protect yourself.
Seventh, you must report any significant physical problems you have while working. In the event you experience a significant physical problem while working on a light duty status, you must report this to your employer and ask to be returned to the treating physician/occupational physician for further evaluation. Unless you want to be fired, you cannot simply not go to work because of the ongoing problem you are experiencing. Eighth, if you are released to return to work on a full duty basis, you must go back to work and give it a try. Following a period of treatment, you may be released to return to work on a full duty basis without restrictions by the treating doctor. Regardless of whether you think this is appropriate, you must go back and attempt to do your job. In the event you experience significant problem, you must then report this to your employer and request additional evaluation.

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