Tired truckers present a danger not only to themselves, but also to those with whom they share the road. A drowsy driver can be dangerous and can cause serious car accidents. If you have been hurt by a truck driver, then it is important to know if fatigue was a factor in your accident and to contact an experienced Gladstone, MO auto accident lawyer for help.

Tiredness Still Troubling Truckers and Other Motorists
A recent survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that 1 in 10 truck drivers and other transportation providers were “dangerously sleep deprived.” 14 percent of truckers admitted a near miss or accident due to fatigue. Additional accidents and near misses are often reported while a trucker is commuting to and from work. The irregularity of shifts is believed to be a contributing factor to truck driver fatigue.

The problem of fatigue affects you as the driver of a car. Evidence suggests that being tired can have a similar effect on driving to drinking alcohol. You have no way of knowing whether the trucker traveling next to you is well rested or drowsy. Thus, it is important to drive defensively and assume that the trucker is tired, to increase your chances of avoiding a Gladstone, MO accident.

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