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Kansas Auto Accident Testimonial | Lonnie D.

Overall they just did a really good job. My first meeting, actually the firm had to come over to my house because due to my injury I couldn’t get out of my house – I was really appreciative of that. They came to my house and talked with me. They were really polite and really nice. I really appreciated how they understood my situation and that they were willing to help me out.

James is a really knowledgeable man. He was able to help me out through everything. I didn’t have to do almost anything and that was what I was looking for since I was unable to get around or do much. He really did everything and I was appreciative of that.

All the staff was really friendly, and they helped me out with everything. They gave me good advice with everything.

Vic gave me good advice on what to do when I talked to the insurance company (which, unfortunately, was a couple times). He was able to guide me through that – guide me step by step; I was well informed the whole time. Overall I was really pleased with everything.

I was able to connect with James at a personal level and I could feel the way he cared about the situation, about me, about my health… and that’s what really made everything easier. He was able to understand me more than just another number. I felt that James was really aggressive in my case. When we talked back and forth about my negotiations he was able to guide me through that and give me advice. I felt he was really aggressive in getting the maximum of I can get and I really appreciate that because after going through this the last thing I want to worry about is paying out of pocket and he was able to get me money back for the hospital and pain and suffering.  James was very talented, and very professional. He helped me on a personal level. Luckily, I found somebody like him that not only took care of me as an individual, but is also very professional at his job.  

Vic was really nice and he was able to help me with everything. I could tell by the way Vic talked to me that he cared about me personally and he cared about the case and cared about helping us get through this whole situation as quickly as possible.

I really like James because of the way he handled everything was really firm; he knew what he was doing, he knew what he was after, and he knew what I wanted.  I would always recommend James to any other people just because of the friendliness and the way he cared about us and the way he took care of my case and he did everything so quickly and efficiently I would always recommend him to any of my friends. After the way he helped me out, James, he’s totally got my trust and I would recommend him to any family member, friend or anybody that needs help out there.  Every single time I needed help with something or had a question I was able to get a hold of somebody and when I was able to get hold of James he was always very helpful and gave me good advice.

Vic was very responsive to my questions and he was able to help me out and was very quick and throughout with everything.  

Through the whole case James did a real good job keeping me up to date and helping me through the case and walking me through every step we were going through.  James was honest with me throughout the whole time, the whole case. Ever since the day that I met him James was upfront with me and he told me how everything was going on and what the whole case was going to be like and he stuck to his word and helped me out.  

After going through an accident like the one I went through, the last thing you want to worry about is having to deal with the insurance company, or having to deal with medical bills. This firm took care of me on a personal level, which made me feel comfortable and took all that other stuff away from me so I can deal with my personal health and thanks to this firm everything went smoothly. 


James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.

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