If you were injured in a Kansas City car accident, your doctor may need to perform imaging tests in order to correctly diagnose and treat your injuries.

CT scans or computerized tomography scans are a form of imaging that allows doctors to see inside the body. These scans take multiple X-ray images from different angles and link together to make detailed images of body tissues and organs. CT scans involve higher doses of radiation than traditional x-rays. A single CT scan may expose you to as much as 500 times the radiation present in an x-ray.

One report compared the amount of radiation that the patient is exposed to in a CT scan to the amount of radiation present after the bombing in Hiroshima. This made national news, so you may have read an article or heard a news story about the dangers of CT scans or the link between CT scans and cancer. Those articles may have you wondering, "are the benefits of a CT scan worth the risks?"

Benefits of CT Scans

  • Produce detailed images of structures inside the body
  • Eliminate the need for exploratory surgery

Risks of CT Scans

  • Involve high amounts of radiation
  • May increase lifetime cancer risk
  • The risk is significantly higher for children

Studies show that the actual risk of an individual developing cancer from a single CT scan is very low, but the benefits of a CT scan may save a life. CT scans are an invaluable tool for detecting internal injury. Kansas City car accident victims should consider both the benefits and risks of getting a CT scan.

Radiologists say the risk of getting cancer from a CT scan is about the same as the risk of dying in a Kansas City traffic accident in a long car ride. We are Kansas City car accident lawyers, and we know that accidents happen. Yet, the risk isn't enough to stop us from getting in a car. Instead, we take precautions.

However, just as you wear a seat belt and drive safely to avoid becoming a Missouri accident victim, you should take precautions to protect yourself when getting a CT scan.

  • Ask your doctor why you need a CT scan. 
  • Ask your doctor if there are safer alternatives such as sonography or MRI.
  • Make sure the medical center performing the CT scan is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology.
  • Keep a record of your exam so other doctors do not have to repeat the test.

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