Kansas City car wrecks often cause of burn injury. The injuries may be electric burns from the electrical systems in the car, friction burns from road rash, or heat (thermal) burns from car fires, gas explosions or overheated car components.

If you’ve ever experienced a minor burn from spilling your coffee or touching a hot pot, you know burns hurt.
The skin is the largest organ in our bodies. The purpose of the skin is to protect our internal organs, but it also provides a way for our brains to tell what is happening around us.  Our skin is covered in nerve cells (neurons) that provide our brain with information about textures and temperatures.  These neurons are the reason that burn injuries are among the most painful car crash injuries.

When you sustain a small first degree burn, only the uppermost layer of your skin is injured. You may experience redness and swelling. The burn hurts but it heals quickly
When skin is severely burned in a car fire, the bottom layers of the skin are burned away.  Second degree burns affect the top two layers of the skin.  Because the deeper layers of skin are involved, second degree burns take longer to heal and often leave permanent scarring.  Deep second degree burns may require skin grafting.  If a deep second-degree burn is not properly treated, the swelling and decreased blood flow in the tissue can result in the burn becoming a third-degree burn.
Third degree burns involve all layers of the skin. These are severe burns that cause extensive scarring and require skin grafting.   Healing from third-degree burns is very slow because the skin tissue has been destroyed.  This scar tissue formed loses many normal characteristics of skin.  After a third degree burn
• Skin loses its ability to regrow, so grafted or artificial skin must be used to cover that part of the body.
• Skin loses its elasticity which may affect the victims ability to move.
• Skin loses its ability to sense heat, cold and texture.
• Skin is not able to sweat.
• The skin must always be protected from harsh weather and sun as it cannot heal damage.
• There is a risk of infection as dead tissue provides a breeding ground for bacteria.
Fourth degree burns are full thickness burns that affect all layers of the skin and the tendons, bone, ligaments and muscles below the skin. The burns usually require surgery or grafting to close the wounds and may require amputation.   Fourth degree burns can be life-threatening often result in permanent disability and disfigurement.  Treatment includes extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation.   

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