Do you have a Missouri crashworthiness claim?
When you buy a car, you expect that the car will keep you and your passengers safe as you travel Kansas City roads and highways.  This is a reasonable expectation and there is actually a legal term for the concept: crashworthiness. Crashworthiness is the ability of a vehicle to prevent or lessen injuries to vehicle occupants during a collision.
In the past several years, we have seen millions of vehicles recalled.  Just this week, 1,156 new Honda Civics were recalled for potential fuel line leaks.  Because most of the 2012 cars have not yet been sold, no one was injured because of this defect.
Victims of Toyota's sudden acceleration defect were not lucky.  Toyota issued several recalls in 2009 and 2010 for more than 9.3 million vehicles that could experience unintended acceleration due to floor mat and sticky accelerator problems.  The defects were found to be responsible for more than one thousand accidents; several of those accidents were fatal.
Do you think a vehicle defect contributed to your Kansas City car accident?  A Kansas City car crash lawyer who has experience in crashworthiness claims will be able to investigate you accident and determine if you have a Missouri crashworthiness case.
The attorney will looks at these factors:

  • How were the vehicle occupants injured?
  • Given the accident that occurred, are the injuries especially severe?
  • Should there have been fewer injuries?
  • Did a feature of the vehicle cause the injuries?
  • Did a safety device malfunction?
  • Would a safety feature lacking in the vehicle have prevented or lessened the injuries?

Crashworthiness claims may result from:

  • Manufacturing defects: An injury occurs from a defect that is the result of a flaw in the manufacturing process
  • Design defects: An injury occurs because the manufacturer's design made the vehicle unsafe.
  • Failure to warn: An injury occurs because of a dangerous feature of the vehicle; the manufacturer is aware of the danger but fails to warn consumers.
  • Poor materials: Substandard materials are used in the manufacture of a vehicle or a feature in the vehicle.

Crashworthiness claims are often filed over defective seat belts. To learn more about malfunctioning seat belts, read our article: "Injury Caused By A Defective Seat Belt? A Kansas City Car Accident Attorney Discusses Seat Belt Failure".

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