If you have been injured in a Missouri traffic accident, it is reasonable to assume that one of the drivers involved in the crash is at fault.  This is generally true, but as our Kansas City car crash lawyers explain, sometimes outside factors including road design can contribute to a Missouri car wreck.
Examples of poor road design that can lead to car accidents:
  • Signs that are confusing to drivers
  • Damaged or missing signs
  • Inadequate signs
  • Roads that are not designed to handle bad weather
  • Roads that have not been salted or plowed in snowy weather
  • Blind curves in roads that occur near ramps or intersections
  • Lack of signals at an intersection
  • Poorly placed signals
  • Unsafe passing zones
  • Poorly banked or aligned roads
  • Improperly graded curves
  • Uneven shoulders
  • Inadequate nighttime lighting or lack of lighting.
  • Overly bright lighting
  • Obstructed line of sight due to shade, foliage, or other obstacles
  • Lack of appropriate road markings
  • Inappropriate road materials
  • Pot holes and other defects in the road
  • Improper road maintenance
  • Unsafe railway crossings
  • Dangerously located construction zones
When road design contributes to a Missouri traffic accident, there is often a history of car crashes at the accident location.  If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and you believe road design played a part in your accident, a Kansas City car crash lawyer can investigate and determine if you have a Missouri dangerous road conditions claim.
If road conditions did play a part in causing your injury, the organization that is responsible for maintaining that highway or road may be required to compensate you for your injury.  

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