Cranes are often the most noticeable feature of a building construction or demolition site. Because of their size, cranes can also cause serious injuries. If workers are not properly trained on how to use a crane safely, tragic construction site accidents can result.
Types of cranes

•    Mobile cranes
•    Tower cranes
•    Railroad yard cranes
•    Cherry pickers
•    Truck cranes
•    Manlifts
•    Bucket trucks
Causes of crane accidents

•    Insufficient training of workers
•    Insufficient maintenance
•    Defective equipment and design defects
•    Improper use
•    Improper placement
•    Overloading
When cranes are not properly used and maintained, crane collapses, tip overs and falls can occur.  Untrained operators may drop their loads, injure those working nearby, or strike power lines. In fact, many crane accidents occur when the crane comes into contact with a power line.  These accidents can result in electrocution, which is often fatal.

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