What is premises liability?
Premises liability is a legal term that is used to describe the legal responsibility that the owner or manager of a property or business has to ensure that people who visit or are invited to the property or business are free from harm.  This includes making sure that the property is well-maintained and free from physical hazards.
What kind of injuries fall under premises liability?
A variety of injuries fall under the category of premises liability. T hese may include injuries that are caused by hazardous conditions on the property such as:
•    Slips and falls on wet floors
•    Slips on ice
•    Trips over uneven sidewalks
•    Accidents caused by falling objects
•    Falling through an unsafe surface
•    Falls in restaurants
•    Pool injuries
•    Hotel and resort injuries
•    Burns
Premises liability also applies to injuries caused by negligent security, including:
•    Assaults and batteries
•    Sexual assault
•    Shootings
•    Wrongful death
How do I know if you have a Kansas City premises liability case?
If you sustained an injury while visiting a residential property or place of business, you may have a case if:
1.    The property you visited was in defective or dangerous condition and the unsafe or dangerous condition caused the injury.
2.    The person responsible for maintenance of the property knew that the dangerous condition existed.
3.    There was adequate time for the condition to be repaired or for warnings to be posted, but the condition was not repaired and warnings were not posted.
4.    Proper safety equipment was not present.

5.    There was inadequate security for the number of people at the business.
6.    There was inadequate security considering the amount of prior criminal activity found at the business or in the surrounding area.
7.    There was a violation of building safety codes or maximum occupancy laws.

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