Have you been injured in a Kansas City accident involving a commercial vehicle?
Do you know what to do to get insurance compensation for your losses?
Did you know there are steps you can take right now to protect youyr injury claim?

The Kansas City truck accident lawyers at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys help injury victims of truck accidents in Missouri and Kansas.  We’ve created this list of 9 steps you can take to help protect your health and your injury claim.
1.    The most important thing that you can do after a Kansas City truck accident is to seek medical care. Your well-being is important.  Even minor injuries may become serious if left untreated. So go see a doctor and get checked out.  Follow your doctor’s treatment plan and go to all therapy and rehabilitation appointments.  If you don’t have insurance, speak to an experienced Kansas City personal injury attorney.
2.    Take pictures.  If you can, photograph the scene of the truck accident and all the vehicles involved. Take pictures of skid marks, debris and other damage to the scene. Take pictures of the damage to your car and other property and of your injuries.
3.    Get names and contact information for everyone involved in the accident and any witnesses.
4.    Make sure that a police report is filed. Call the police department and ask for a copy.
5.    Hold off on car repairs.  Your car damage is a source of evidence for your accident claim.  Talk to an attorney before getting it repaired.
6.    Save all evidence.  You may want to throw out your torn clothes and broken possessions, but hold on to them.
7.    Do not talk with insurance company agents or sign anything until you speak to an experienced Kansas City accident attorney about your case. Don’t answer questions and don’t agree to make any recorded statements. Insurance companies are looking for ways to limit the damages they must pay; anything you say might later be used against you.
8.    Download our free guide, “10 Essential Steps You Must Take To Protect Your Injury Claim.”

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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