Driving next to a big rig in Kansas City is scary enough and requires passenger car drivers to take extra precautions. However, when that big rig also has a hazardous materials or hazmat sign those precautions become critical. All you have to do is ask an experienced Kansas City truck accident lawyer what happens when a car is in an accident with a hazmat truck. The accident scene is often dramatic and the outcome is often fatal.
What to Do When You See the Hazmat Sign 
To protect yourself from a potential explosion that could occur in a Kansas City hazmat truck accident, it is important to:
  • Keep a safe distance from the truck.
  • Avoid traveling in the truck’s blind spots.
  • Expect the truck to stop at railroad crossings.
  • Keep a safe distance from other cars that are speeding or driving unsafely. If another car crashes with the truck then the resulting explosion or spill could result in serious harm.
  • Don’t panic or become distracted. Focus on driving safely.

These steps may help prevent your injury, or death, in a Kansas City hazmat truck crash.

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