I chose your firm based on the referral of my wife. She was very pleased with what your firm had done for her so you were the first and the last place I went to. My first meeting was very informative. It was all laid out for me exactly what plan and timeline we were going to use to approach my case. I left without any questions.

[Before hiring an attorney] I did have to try to work with the insurance company on my own for a bit and it was very difficult. I actually felt like the workman’s comp people had just roped me off. I actually felt like it was done and Vic showed me otherwise. I was very pleased with my results because without having gone through Kansas City Accident Attorneys, I don’t think I would have gone anywhere. Once I started dealing with Vic, the process became much more simple from my end and things actually started happening. Vic listens and he hears what you’re saying and he takes it to heart and he makes that a part of his plan of action. It really makes you feel like you’re more a part of it than just being a client.

Working with Vic was really easy. Whenever I had a question, I would call and he would get back to me as fast as he could if he wasn’t able to pick up the phone right then. It is kind of a stressful situation but he really helped me alleviate that and really did a lot for me. Your staff is fantastic. The phones were always answered. I was able to get directions to places, scheduling was easy and I was always kept informed. I was always in the loop.

Vic really has a good grasp on the legal aspect of what he does. The other lawyer, they had tried to low-ball the situation and Vic wouldn’t allow it. Vic knows how to read situations. He knows how to approach different situations that I think a lesser lawyer would have ended up losing.

I feel that Vic cares even now that we’re done with the case. He was gracious enough to let me know if I had any more issues in the future to not hesitate to contact him. And that really made me feel like he is more than just a lawyer who just helped me through a process. I really feel like he’s got a big heart and he really cares about what he does. From an attorney-client perspective, I trust Vic one hundred percent. He’s a forth-right kind of person and he just doesn’t try to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes. I absolutely trust everybody associated with this firm. I think that this firm in itself has a high quality of character in their employees.

If you have an accident like this, if you have a workman’s comp issue, you need to have somebody on your side. You can’t go about it by yourself, you’ll never get anywhere and Vic is the guy to have on your side. The people working at this firm are the people to have on your side.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.