I found Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys through a Yellow Page advertisement. Through(out) the telephone interview, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I felt like I was going to be handled with the utmost respect and the priority of the situation felt like I was going to be taken care of immediately rather than pushed off. I spoke with Diane and she referred me to Vic. Vic reassured me that (my case) was his responsibility and he would be able to take care of it in a better way that I would. So I felt very comfortable knowing that he had my back, so to speak. It was great. My first meeting with Vic was wonderful. I came in and it was pretty much near closing time. He was more than willing to stay an extra few minutes to council with me to make sure that we could come to an agreement to have him represent me.

The staff is wonderful. Each and every one of them here are friendly people. I’ve never had a problem when I called in or I had a question that needed to be answered, I always seemed to get my answers…whether it was from Vic or anyone else in the firm.  I am absolutely, 100 percent pleased (with my results). I’m really more pleased with the outcome. It was really more than I expected.

It was a little bit of a contested case but as far as communication with Vic, I was always in the loop. I think that he went above and beyond to what he could do to meet my expectations and to keep me involved in the situation as much as possible. I think Vic is a very talented lawyer. He is a go-getter. He’s for the common worker. He’ll fight for your rights. He’s not one of these attorneys that’s going to sign you up and then forget who you are. He’s very personable. When you call, he knows you. He knows you by name. He knows you by face. And you just don’t seem to get that kind of respect from any other kind of attorneys out there.

There were a few (problem Vic helped me with) throughout the case. He was able to get me referrals. Vic is wonderful at doing that. If he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll find the answer. He’ll guide you in the right direction. Vic would always give me updates, whether it was by telephone or email, so I was constantly in the loop with him. It was so very easy-going for me because basically, in a sense, Vic made me feel comfortable enough to just sit back, relax and let him take the lead and go with it as far as he could go.

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys is one of the most easy-going, honest firms I think I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had a wonderful experience with Vic and this law firm and every one that is associated with my case. The outcome was unbelievable. To be honest with you, I thought I came out better than I expected to.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.