I did an Internet search after I was injured and I came upon your website. The website was very simple, straightforward, descriptive of the services offered and very kind and sympathetic. It wasn’t overly complicated. It didn’t promise the world, it just said that they would be a very good advocate for me. My first meeting was very good. I was badly injured and I came in person. I met with Vic Finkelstein and he was very sympathetic to me. He told me he would do his best for me and he was very, very sincere. Vic is a very well-spoken, outgoing person and he had a very wonderful quality of making me feel as ease with him and being able to explain the process. He’s very articulate and he’s just the kind of person that I know is sincere in my heart of hearts. After meeting with Vic, I had absolutely no reservations about hiring his firm based on his ability to explain the process to me, to let me know what to expect, and to give me confidence that he would be the best possible advocate for me with my injury. I felt so good about retaining Vic when I first came to him and my feelings were correct.

I started out dealing with the insurance company on my own, which in retrospect, I realize was a horrible mistake. My injury turned out to be way more complicated because of the insurance company’s lack of care for me. Once I hired Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, I was immediately sent to a specialist in regards to my injury and Vic also facilitated physical therapy for me which I don’t believe I would have gotten had I continued to work with the insurance company on my own. Vic was very aggressive with my case…especially initially. He was able to get me proper medical care, physical therapy and disability insurance which I’m sure I never would have received had I continued to deal with the insurance company and my former firm. He made everything happen very, very quickly…within a week of the time that I hired him.

The staff at Vic’s firm is just wonderful. They’re really nice people. They were always ready with information. I always had my phone calls returned. The people at this firm are very hard working. They are organized, they keep track of you. You’re not just a case number to them, you’re a human being that’s been injured and they will help you any possibly way the law will allow. Vic was generous enough with his time to keep me posted on what was happening with the case. He also took the time to seek a second opinion for my injury and he called me personally to keep me posted on what was going on with the insurance company and the status of my case. Vic is a wonderful, compassionate human being. He’s advocating for people that have been injured and he’s a saint for that. I’m pleased with the results of the work that Vic did for me.

Personal Injury is the kind of law where you really have to care about the people and what has happened to them. The fact that he has made himself so incredibly knowledgeable and so available, I know he cares deeply about the people that he serves. He is the kind of attorney that doesn’t just sweep your case under the rug. He worked on it and fought for me and saw my case all the way to fruition. He is well-versed in the workman’s compensation laws of both Kansas and Missouri. I know his background and his experience helps me to feel confident in him and know that he was going to do the best possible job for me.

I absolutely enjoyed working with Vic. He was so intent on doing the best he could for me within the parameters that he has to work with. I would work with Vic again in a heartbeat. And I would always recommend Vic to anybody who has had any type of injury at work in Kansas or Missouri. If anybody has ever been hurt at work, it’s not a good idea to try and deal with the insurance company on your own. They are not out to help you. Workman’s compensation insurance is not there in case you get hurt. Workman’s compensation insurance is a for-profit enterprise and without advocates like Vic, it’s almost impossible to get the help that you might need for your injury.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.