Every year cringe worthy stories about horrid accidents involving children make the news.  The news makes us all grateful when the children we know and love have been spared.  Kansas City parents should note the recent opinion published by University of Missouri nursing professor Paula Schnitzer.

Schnitzer said that most child injuries are preventable and sites lack of supervision as a root cause.  The professor has published research that looked into the causes of unintentional injury, including suffocation, poisoning, and burns come from failure of caregivers to protect children from danger.

The Centers for Disease Control say that over seven million visits to emergency rooms by children occur every year for unintended injury.  These injuries are not a result of child abuse.  But caregivers, parents, relatives, and childcare workers are dropping the ball when it comes to keeping kids safe.

The fact is many of the injuries Schnitzer studied can be prevented.  She cites lack of education for some parents or training in the case of caregivers as reasons for preventable child deaths.  She also says that there is no universal set of guidelines for child supervision.

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

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