(After the accident), I was in contact with my insurance company and they told me I should probably seek legal assistance. My first meeting with James was very pleasant. I was kind of apprehensive on certain things, not knowing what I was getting into. I had my mom with me and she brought up some questions (that) he was able to answer. Some other attorneys you interview with feel very cold. James didn’t seem so cold. He showed a lot of compassion. He made me feel more comfortable about things. He explained things to me in detail and that’s why I decided to stick with him.

As I went from each doctor’s appointment, he would follow up and ask how the recovery process was going. He acted like he actually cared. He treated me like a human being. He knew how to direct me in my recovery process. He knew the medical aspects to look at as well as the legal. At one point, he directed me to go get a second opinion (about) my shoulder. I ended up (needing) surgery so it was a good thing I followed up with a second opinion. That shows expertise.

James knew how to prepare me, just in case (the settlement) didn’t turn out good. He gave me the wide range of what could happen. He talked to me about the fact that we may not get much (money) or we may get something for it. He gave me the full scope and was very open with me about it. The damage on my vehicle was not substantial. I had more bodily damage than I had damage to my vehicle. Every time we had an offer from the insurance company, he tried to get every last penny he possibly could. He kept going, even when they said they had hit their line, he kept going beyond that. He was able to get more money than any of us thought he would for the case. He definitely knows how to negotiate. I was very impressed.

The front office staff was very responsive. Diane is on top of things. Everything was handled really well. Paper work was handled well. James was very responsive. He made sure I knew exactly what was going on in every step of the way. I normally heard back within a day or two.

I trust James. In fact, when he’d come to me with the different numbers during the negotiation process, I just said, “you’re the expert. I hired you, there’s a reason that I hired you so you go with what you think,” and he did great. He made sure to keep me completely in the loop the whole process. He showed me all the numbers. He showed me what he was doing as he proceeded. When we received the settlement, he went over in great detail the breakdown of the numbers…what had to go to medical, what had to go to pay his fees and what was coming back to me and it was broken down clearly and well labeled. He gave me a copy of it so I could have it for my records as well.

I would recommend James to others. I’m very satisfied with my results. I feel that James got the best result possible. The offering amount and the settlement were very close so I would say that means he did an outstanding job.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.