My name is Ronnie L. James Roswold handled my (personal injury) case. It was a motor vehicle accident case where I was rear ended out on I-70. When I called James and talked to him, I just got the feeling that he was the best person for the job. He was more worried about what was wrong with me and making sure I went to the doctor and got checked up than worrying about the here and now of the accident. It was really good to talk to somebody who was more worried about my well-being than what had happened. James seemed to really care…he and Vic both. They sat me down and let me know what to expect and let me know that they were going to be here for me whenever I needed them. To sit and talk to James, you feel like you’re having a conversation with someone who you can trust. It’s like a dear friend that you would tell things to that you wouldn’t let anybody else know. After I had met and talked with James and Vic, it was done. I knew that’s who I wanted (to work with).

It seemed like we developed more of a relationship than just a business relationship. It felt like you were dealing with a friend, you could open up and talk honestly, straight-forward to him and he would talk straight-forward back to you. James is a lot more concerned than just with the facts. It just really makes you feel good. It’s not like you’re just dealing with somebody and you go in there and it’s not “Here’s this, this, and this. We’ll call you later.” It’s “How are you? Have you checked on this? Are you feeling okay? Can we get you this? Do you need any help?” It became dealing more like with friends than just with somebody that you hire that’s just there to get their part and will shove you out the door.

The staff was excellent. Any time I called, needed anything, needed to talk to somebody, there was always somebody right there. They always returned my calls quickly. They answered any questions without any hesitation. They never made me feel like I was bothering anybody. They are nice, great people to deal with.

James is a very hard-working man. He would text me at home at nine o’clock at night if I needed to get ahold of him or if he needed to find out something. He contacted me through email. He never left me in the dark. It seems like any time that I needed to talk to him, I would call the office and he was there working no matter how early or how late. And he would know anything about my case. Anything I asked him, it would take him a split second to start telling me things. He worked really hard.

James cares for the people he fights for because nobody would fight as hard as he did if they didn’t care. The insurance company was trying to bully me into taking what they wanted to give. James put a halt to it. He told them straight out, “That’s not how it’s going to work. You’re not going to bully us, you’re not going to bully my client.” And he handled it perfectly. He’s just a like a pit bull, he got in there and got ahold of them and let them know, “we’re not just going to cave in and do what you want us to do. You’re the ones at fault. You’re going to take care of this man.” And that was great.

I’m highly satisfied with my results. I don’t see how it could have been any better. I was on the verge of losing everything and James made sure that didn’t happen. He made sure my health was good. He made sure my financial situation was taken care of. I just couldn’t be any more satisfied. He saved everything that I was on the verge of losing and now I can get back to a normal life. It’s beyond satisfaction. It’s perfection. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.