By law, you have a right to work in a safe and healthy workplace. However, if you’ve been exposed to a toxic substance while at work and you are suffering health problems as a result, you are not alone. Every day, thousands of American workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals and toxins while at work. 
Hazardous chemicals come in many forms.  Your toxic exposure may be due to something as simple as a floor cleaner that is used in a poorly ventilated space or you may willingly work with dangerous chemicals.  Regardless, you have a right to know about the hazardous chemicals that are used in your workplace.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all employers post Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s) advising workers of toxins that are present in the workplace.  These MSDS’s should be prominently displayed and must contain the following information:
• The name of the chemical (same as on the label)
• The chemical and common names of the substance
• A listing of the ingredients
• A statement of the ingredients that are known carcinogens or that present other known hazards
• A protective equipment needed
• Safety precautions that should be taken
• Any specific health or safety hazards
• First aid information
• Spill and leak procedure
If there are toxic chemicals in a workplace, the employer must follow OSHA safety rules that regulate the quantities that are allowed and specify how they should be handled.  However, even if all rules are followed, accidents can happen.  Toxic chemical exposure can result in Missouri workplace injuries, occupational diseases, and even death.

Symptoms of toxic exposure can include:
Muscle cramps
Flu-like symptoms
While these symptoms are also associated with common illnesses, any unexplained or chronic symptom should be checked out by a medical doctor. If you suspect toxic exposure, see your doctor immediately.  Prolonged toxic exposure may cause cancers, brain injury, neurological disorders, lung problems, cardiac problem and other serious illness and even death.

Kansas City employers are required to carry Missouri worker’s compensation insurance in order to protect employees who are injured on the job.  If you have been injured by workplace toxic chemical exposure, you are entitled to Missouri workers’ compensation for your medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and a portion of your lost wages.  In some cases, you may be eligible for additional damages from the manufacturer of the chemical or from a third party.  A Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney can help insure that you receive all your benefits. To learn more, contact Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys at 888-348-2616.

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