There is so much to worry about during pregnancy. You likely worried before each test and before each doctor’s visit. You want your baby to be safe and healthy. You took care of yourself, you did not drink or smoke, and you watched what you ate. Yet, you couldn’t control everything. You couldn’t stop the tractor-trailer from hitting your car during your pregnancy.

See Your Doctor Even If You Don’t Appear to Be Hurt

In some cases your injuries will be apparent. You may be bleeding or in pain. You may be concerned about your health or that of your unborn child. In those cases, it is clear that you need medical attention immediately.

However, maybe you feel that you were lucky and you think you were not hurt in the accident. For your unborn baby’s sake, it’s important to seek medical attention even if you don’t have any obvious injuries after your Odessa truck crash. Studies have shown that pregnant women have an increased risk of preterm labor and delivery, placenta abruption, and deliver low-birth weight babies even when they do not have documented injuries from  motor vehicle accidents. Your doctor can evaluate your risks for these complications and help keep you and your baby safe after a truck wreck.

Get the Recovery That You Deserve If You Are Injured

This is not how you imagined your pregnancy would go. If a truck driver’s negligence, a trucking company’s negligent decisions, or a truck mechanic’s negligent repairs have caused you to suffer physical damages during your pregnancy, then it is important to learn about your possible recovery.

Your recovery may include compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost income, out-of-pocket costs, physical pain, and emotional suffering. 

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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