For most Missouri commuters, avoiding the ring of busy highways surrounding Kansas City is nearly impossible. Taking “the long way” just is not an option when you are running late. However, driving next to commercial trucks for miles on end is a hazard you would much rather not face. Drivers may feel safer knowing that they could be protected from a truck accident with the simple addition of an onboard video monitor.

Video Monitors in Commercial Vehicles Could Prevent Many Fatal Truck Crashes

According to a new study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, installing safety monitors in large trucks and buses may help reduce fatal crashes in which the commercial driver is at fault. Here is how the process would work:

  • In-vehicle video cameras are installed in commercial vehicles to record all driving behavior, and sends the data back to the driver’s company.
  • Poor driving behavior—such as cell phone use, tailgating, risk-taking, and drowsy driving—is recorded and sent to company safety managers.
  • The safety officers coach the drivers on proper safety techniques before sending them back out on the road.

Researchers conducted an experiment to see if the cameras would have a positive effect on driver safety. One hundred tractor-trailers from two different companies had video-based devices installed, sending live data to the company while the truck drivers made their normal deliveries for 17 consecutive weeks. One company reported that potential crashes had been reduced by 52 percent and the other by 37 percent.

Researchers have estimated that on-board cameras could potentially reduce at-fault truck and bus injury crashes by over 35 percent—preventing nearly 40,000 injuries every year.

Are Cameras the Best Way to Prevent Truck Crashes in Missouri?

Although cameras may be effective in preventing crashes caused by unsafe commercial driver behavior, many semi accidents are a result of other factors. An overloaded trailer or a sudden traffic backup may cause a truck to cross lanes or brake suddenly and collide with smaller vehicles. In many cases, safety measures will prevent these accidents. 


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