Texting While Driving (TWD) is resulting in a deadly car crash epidemic!

Is there anyone who doesn't know someone who is addicted to their mobile device, someone who glances down to create and send text messages and have written conversations right in the middle of their verbal conversations? If so, you are probably in the distinct minority if not living under a rock. For those of you living under a rock, texting is a term used to describe entering short typed messages and sending them via cell phone or other electronic device.

Everyone knows that drivers are distracted when talking on their cell phones. Now research shows that texting while driving is even more dangerous. Just how dangerous is texting while driving? Some studies show that drivers are FOUR TIMES MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A CRASH that results in a hospital stay when using a cell phone!

In one test, college students were asked to drive down a curvy road. First, just drive. Then, do series of tasks while driving including text messaging, talking on the cell phone, and playing with an iPod. The study showed that the texting drivers were TEN TIMES MORE LIKELY TO LEAVE THEIR LANE THAN OTHER DRIVERS.

The message is clear. Texting while driving can lead directly to serious motor vehicle collisions and severe injury! The likelihood of a serious motor vehicle accident due to texting while driving is so significant that a horrific public service announcement from Wales, United England was created to demonstrate the bloody consequences of a text-driven accident on a multi-lane highway. The shows three teens in a car trying to text and, as often seen in real life, paying no attention to the road. It then shows their vehicle smashing head-on with a second car in the opposite lane and seconds later a third vehicle smashes into the first two. The PSA is chilling and powerful and worth a few minutes of time for anyone who fears that their loved one is not getting the message that texting while driving maims and kills.

80% of all crashes involve some form of driver distraction, and teens admit texting is the number one thing that diverts their attention while driving. Half of all teen drivers say they send text messages while driving. According to a recent study by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, distracted driving is the leading cause of traffic crashes in Missouri and nationwide. Studies show texting drivers spend up to 400% more time with their eyes off the road. 


As of November 13, 2009 Missouri was the 23rd state to ban the use of texting while driving. Missouri was only the 9th state, however, to single out a particular age group, making it somewhat controversial. The new Missouri law going into effect today prohibits drivers of 21 years of age or younger from sending, reading or writing electronic messages while driving. 

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