If you have been injured or lost a family member to a Missouri drunk driving accident, the drunk driver is liable for the reckless behavior that caused the accident. But the drunk driver may not be the only party liable for the injuries and deaths caused by the accident.  Under state law, the persons or business that provided the alcohol to the driver or that had the opportunity to prevent the accident also may share responsibility for the drunk driving crash. 
A Kansas City personal injury attorney with experience in drunk driving claims will be able to determine all of the parties who may be liable for your injuries. These include
Alcohol vendors, liquor stores, restaurant, night clubs - any business that sells alcohol for a profit and provides alcoholic beverages to noticeably intoxicated people may be liable for injuries that are caused to innocent third-parties as a result of that intoxication. The laws that govern alcohol vendor responsibility are known as dram shop laws.
Passengers – If the passenger encouraged and actively participated in the driver's intoxication, he or she may be found liable injuries caused by drunk drivers.  If the passenger invites other people into the car, with the knowledge that driver is intoxicated and he fails to warn those passengers of this danger, the passenger can be held responsible for any resulting from the ride.

Social Hosts – A social host is someone without a liquor license who provides alcohol to guests at a social event such as a dinner party or friend gathering.  If that person serves alcohol to a minor or continues to serve alcohol a visibly intoxicated adult and that person goes on to cause a drunk driving accident, the social host may be held liable for injuries caused by the intoxicated driver.
Employers or Businesses – Employers may be liable for injuries caused by their employees after providing them with alcohol at work parties or other work-related event. They may also be held liable if the accident occurred while the employees was using a company car, while performing his job duties, or on the employer's property.
Police Officers – If a police officer stops or arrests an intoxicated driver and then allows the driver to drive home or allows an intoxicated passenger of a drunk driver to drive home after arresting the drunk driver, they may be found responsible for injuries from an accident that occurs after the arrest.
Car Owners – If a person knowingly lends their cars to a drunk driver then they share some responsibility for injuries caused by the accident.
When filing a lawsuit to recover damages caused by a Missouri DUI car crash, an attorney can build your case by naming all potentially liable parties.   

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