As the days get longer and the snow and ice melt away for another season, many drivers begin to relax. Driving isn’t as hard as it was on the dark slippery roads that existed just a few short weeks ago. However, that doesn’t mean that the dangers in general, and the risks of truck accidents in particular, have gone away.

Three Risks of Springtime Truck Wrecks

While the roads are seldom slippery in the warm weather months, there are risks that you need to know about when traveling near a truck in Odessa or elsewhere in Missouri or Kansas. Specifically, you need to be alert to the potential danger caused by:


Truckers have places to go and often drive through many different types of conditions including foggy weather. Fog can make it difficult for a trucker to see you until a collision is unavoidable.

Wet Roads.

Wet roads can cause dangerous driving conditions. It can take a large vehicle, such as a truck, longer to stop on wet roads. Additionally, hydroplaning is a danger.

Fast drivers.

The lack of snow and the extended daylight hours may make some truckers driver faster. Faster drivers can lose control of their vehicles or take longer to stop and cause serious accidents.

Of course, it isn’t just weather and extended daylight that cause truck accidents. All of the other factors that can lead to truck crashes at other times of the year are still risks in the spring.

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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