In 2015, vehicle manufacturers will be busy testing out an important new safety feature that could have a dramatic effect on the number of truck accidents that occur annually. This feature, known as vehicle-to-vehicle communication, connects drivers that are travelling near each other. These drivers are given valuable information on what other drivers are doing, even when they cannot see them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eventually the installation of this technology may be required for all new vehicles that are produced.

Examples of How Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Can Prevent a Truck Crash

While some current cars have driver-assist technology that can warn of a vehicle in a blind spot or an impending collision, the new technology will go even further to protect drivers. The following are two examples:

  1. Providing the truck driver with valuable information about another motorist’s location, speed, steering wheel position, and brake status can better prepare the driver if he or she needs to stop quickly or take evasive measures. Due to their large size and weight, commercial trucks have a difficult time stopping and reacting quickly when necessary to avoid a crash. Providing the truck driver with this important information can allow for increased time and awareness when necessary to prevent a collision.
  2. If a vehicle is traveling behind a large truck, it may be unable to see what is happening in front of the truck. Vehicles equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems receive knowledge of what is happening ahead. For example, if the car in front of the truck suddenly slams on its brake, the car traveling behind the truck will know to expect the truck to do the same. Without this technology, the car behind the truck would have had no way of knowing that the car ahead had put on its brakes, and therefore would not be able to anticipate the truck’s sudden need to stop or swerve.

In addition to these benefits of a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system, this safety feature can also be utilized to notify vehicles of buses, bicycles, and motorcycles. Its development has already shown promising results. The MIT Technological Review is predicting that vehicle-to-vehicle communication will be one of the breakthrough technologies that occur in 2015. Ideally, this will keep us all safer from injuries caused by large trucks.

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