As a general rule, particularly if you have followed all of our guidance and advice, there will be a significant net recovery for you representing compensation for your pain and suffering, permanent injuries, loss of income, and other injuries and damages. As you can see, there are many so many factors that may impact the value of your case (i.e., settlement or jury verdict), as set forth above. Additionally, there are such factors as whether your medical bills must be paid and whether that must come directly from the settlement and whether entities that have paid medical bills on your behalf must be reimbursed. Whether your medical bills must be paid from your settlement or reimbursed to a health or medical payments insurance carrier may greatly affect your net recovery. The laws involved in determining this issue are federal as well as state and are quite complicated.


Again, our ultimate goal, all things aside, is to maximize your ultimate net recovery. In that regard, we have saved our clients thousands of dollars by decreasing or eliminating such obligations and demands for repayment or reimbursement depending on the circumstances of each individual case. Depending on the case, there are a multitude of other avenues available to us to increase your net recovery. Just as the insurance company and their lawyers are experienced pros with years of education, training and experience in minimizing and destroying claims, we have years of education, training and dedicated experience maximizing claims and our client's net recovery. Depending on the individual case, there are a host of services that we have provided in addition to simply maximizing the gross recovery from the insurance company in an effort to maximize our client's ultimate net recovery.


Indeed, studies have shown that injury victims with attorney representation obtain significantly larger gross recoveries, even multiples greater recovery than those without attorneys. However, it is sometimes the efforts that we are able to employ in addition to maximizing your gross recovery that greatly impact your ultimate net recovery. In the end, while it is never possible to guarantee any specific results, we are proud our legions of satisfied clients and our many testimonials reflecting their supreme satisfaction. 


The law allows compensation for your injuries and damages. Specifically, the law allows compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering as well as any other injuries and damages. The purpose of the law is to make you whole. Contrary to popular myth propagated by insurance companies and others seeking to prejudice potential jurors and thereby profit, the law does not provide for injured parties to unfairly benefit from the system or take advantage of the insurance companies. To the contrary, the law requires that injury victims properly and fully document each and every element of their injuries and damages if they are to stand any chance of obtaining fair and proper compensation. Within the bounds of the law, we employ every method possible and utilize all of our considerable experience to obtain fair compensation for your injuries and maximize your ultimate net recovery and have a long and proud history of doing so.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.