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Sleep Apnea May Affect Truck Driver Safety and Resulting Accidents on I-70

Approximately one out of every four truck drivers on the road in the United States may have sleep apnea, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Sleep apnea is a condition that that causes people to stop breathing during the night and results in disrupted sleep. 

You do not have to have sleep apnea to need to know about its dangers. A new preliminary study has found how sleep apnea may affect truck drivers, and other drivers, and why sleep apnea may be dangerous to you regardless of whether you have the condition.

Sleep Apnea’s Effect on Driving

It isn’t enough to say that sleep apnea has a dangerous effect on driving simply because we know that drowsy drivers may be dangerous drivers. Accordingly, researchers in Berlin recently conducted studies to see if people who suffer from sleep apnea specifically were more likely to have trouble driving safely.

The studies concluded that people with sleep apnea are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel and more likely to fail a simulated driving test than other drivers. 24% of people with sleep apnea failed the simulated driving tests as compared with 12% of people without this medical condition.

Government panels are suggesting that obese truckers be screened for sleep apnea so as to prevent sleep apnea-related truck accidents. However, this will not catch all drivers with sleep apnea. Accordingly, it is important to be aware that a significant number of truckers may be tired and driving dangerously because of sleep apnea and because of other conditions.

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