You offered to drive. Whether you were taking your child to school, a coworker to a meeting, a relative to a party, or a friend to dinner, you offered to drive and you intended to keep your passenger safe. You did not plan on being in a Kansas City car accident. However, you were in a crash and now your passenger is injured. Learn what you can do to help someone who was injured as your passenger in a Kansas City car crash.

Things You Can Do to Help Your Injured Passenger

There are things that you may be able to do at the scene of the accident, as well as in the days and weeks following the accident, to help your passenger recover. For example, you may:

  • Call 911, if you are able to do so at the accident scene and if your passenger needs immediate help.
  • Call a relative or friend of the passenger to meet the passenger at the accident scene or hospital.
  • Gather evidence at the accident scene. Evidence may include pictures of what happened and the names and contact information for witnesses.
  • Help your passenger find the right doctors to treat his or her injury.
  • Provide emotional and practical support to your passenger in the days after the injury. For example, you could bring meals or arrange childcare, as necessary.
  • Share accident information with your passenger, or with your passenger’s Kansas City accident attorney, as appropriate. Your own Kansas City car crash lawyer can help you determine what is, and what is not, appropriate to share.

Accidents, unfortunately, happen. Remember, you did not intend to hurt your passenger and you are doing your best in a difficult situation.

Have You Been Injured In A Kansas City Area Car Accident?

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