Few things in life are as confidential, personal, and sensitive as our complete medical history. Unfortunately for car accident victims, however, medical records are also an important part of a personal injury claim. Victims may sometimes feel as if they are being asked to put forth an extensive amount of highly personal information and that they are being heavily scrutinized during the claim process. Despite these feelings, there are several reasons why medical records are crucial to your claim.

5 Reasons Medical Records Are an Important Part of an Injury Claim After a Car Accident

Why are medical records so important to a car accident injury claim? The following are five reasons:

  1. Medical records give the parties to a claim a chance to assess the physical injuries suffered as a result of the car accident.
  2. Medical records allow the parties to understand the viability, or chance for success, of a particular claim. This is often important when it comes to settlement negotiations.
  3. Medical records provide a form of proof of the injuries that an accident victim incurred due to the crash.
  4. Medical records make it easier to calculate damages sustained by an injured person after a car accident. This includes damages for the cost of past and future medical treatment.
  5. If a medical expert is brought in by a party to the claim, the medical records can then be analyzed to prove the cause of the injuries suffered.
  6. In some cases, car accident injury victims may have pre-existing injuries. Medical records may help to differentiate between injuries attributed to the crash and those that are separate and distinct.

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