"I’m very glad that I talked to Victor. When I spoke with Victor he offered for me to come in, I came in and met with him, he was fantastic and went from there. It was great he was very helpful, Victor gave me a lot of great advice and I followed and that was it. He was definitely somebody that is honest and open and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.

It was very speedy, I didn’t have any trouble, when I called I always had a return phone call and they always knew the answer to the question I was asking. Victor is a great attorney, he was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, really I recommend him to anybody and I will definitely be back if I ever need him. Any questions I had, they always have an answer for. I never had to go research anything on my own, the answer was always here. He's... I’m not even sure how to say this... he always had the information when I was in question on what I should do, he never hesitated to offer his advice and I just, I was very grateful.

He never took no for an answer, he was very direct with the opposing council and he was behind me one hundred percent on whatever I decided. I think he didn’t settle for anything less than what I wanted. So he was very much for his client.

I would say I’m completely satisfied, Victor did everything the way I asked, he was very determined to get exactly what I asked for. I would absolutely recommend Victor, he was great, I’m very comfortable with it, and I would use him again if ever necessary. I haven’t had anybody ask, but I have definitely let friends know that I was very satisfied with my end result.

I do trust him, there wasn’t anything I couldn’t talk to him about as far as the case was concerned Victor was very understanding, so I was very satisfied. There was great results, great people here. Any questions that I had concerning the case, he always had an answer for and if it was something I didn’t understand he would explain it to me in terms that I would understand.

Always, always in a timely manner, when I would call they would usually tell me a time frame that he would call and he always did, Victor was great about returning phone calls. There was never a time that I called that I didn’t receive an answer or that I wouldn’t get a return phone call if I left a message. Yes, if anything new came up Victor would call and let me know what was going on in the case. I never questioned. I never had to call and say “when is it going to happen”, “when is it going to happen”, Victor was very good about calling and letting me know how things were going with the case. Victor was good about just being upfront, very blunt, this is what’s going on with the case and the end result, no reason not to trust him.

I would just like to say that Victor was a great attorney, he got me exactly what I wanted, no questions asked. This firm was great to work with, everybody here was just fantastic, I wouldn’t go anywhere else with any other problems I have. "

-- Jennifer L.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.