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#1 Cause of Amputations Among Children

Posted on Jul 12, 2010
Every summer, hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured in lawnmower accidents.  And this summer does not appear to be an exception. 

In Lakeville, Michigan, a very young boy was playing in yard while his mother mowed the lawn on a riding lawn mower.  At the very same time, the mother was busy trying to get her other child settled on her lap.  While she was attempting to do this, she did not notice that her other little boy was right in the path of her mower.  Accidentally, she ran over her son.  The little boy survived, but he has had to undergo a series of intense surgeries in order to correct his limbs, which have been mutilated by the blades on the lawn mower. 

But this is not even the most common type of injury.  Most commonly, children will unknowingly stick their hands underneath the lawnmower, making contact with the blades.  It is not unusual for children to slice off their fingers this way. 

Another common accident occurs when children make contact with the muffler on the lawnmower.  Dr. Solomon from the Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital Emergency room services reports that the muffler can become exceptionally hot and can leave the child who makes contact with severe burns.   

On top of the most common accidents, there are some less common but still severe and plausible types of injury that can occur.

Firstly, lawn mowers are not as stable as you think.  It is very possible for them to tip over.  Already this summer, a Detroit man was riding on his lawn mower when it tipped over and took him with it.  The mower flipped over on top of him and he became trapped underneath.  What is worst, is that he actually fell into a water hole, and because he was trapped, he drowned to death.

Secondly, people can become trapped underneath lawnmowers.  So was the case with a Saginaw man who's riding lawnmower began to spin violently, threw him down underneath the mower, and he was not able to escape.  The man did not make it out alive.

And thirdly, an Austrailian woman was the most recent victim.  She was just walking by when one of the blades on the lawn mower flew off and made contact with her head.  She did not survive either. 

Keeping all of this in mind, we hope that parents will not take their children on lawnmower rides.  Even if your child is just nearby and watching, they can still be injured if they act spontaneously, if you overlook them, or even if a part disengages from the machine and harms them. 

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that 200,000 Americans will be injured this year in lawnmower accidents.  Of that astonishingly high number, 16,000 will be children.  Lawnmower related accidents are the #1 cause of amputations for children.  Additionally, these amputations are especially severe for children because their growth plates have yet to fully form, and thus will require extensive surgeries into the future.  But if for some reason you should encounter a lawnmower accident and your child has lost a finger, you should attempt to find that finger, put it on ice, and have your child rushed to the nearest hospital.

As parents, please keep your children far away from lawn mowers, and be sure to take care of yourselves as well.  Riding lawnmowers are not safer than push lawnmowers.  You must continue to wear proper attire and be wary of the potential dangers lurking around these machines. 

If you believe that a child you love has been injured as a result of a child injury or accident situation, we urge you to contact anyone of our Kansas City Child Injury & Accident Attorneys.  We are committed to preventing child injury and accident situations, and we can help you.    

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James Roswold
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