Posted on Jul 11, 2011
An 11-month-old child was found dead at a day care center in Windsor, Colorado. The fatal child accident happened on June 27, 2011. According to police the baby was found with her head stuck between the siding padding of a playpen at a home day care center at the 600 block of Buckhorn Mountain Court.

At the time of the accident, the day care operator was not on site, leaving only the operator's son, 36 year-old Garrett Moore in charge. Reports indicate Moore performed CPR until emergency crews arrived.

The infant was airlifted to a nearby medical center, then immediately transferred to a children's hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police are investigating the fatal day care accident to determine if it was anything more than an accident. Moore claims he put the 11 month-old child down for a nap playpen and about 30 to 40 minutes later, she was trapped in the side of the pen and not breathing.

According to the Department of Human Services the day care operator, Janette Moore voluntarily surrendered her day care license pending an investigation.​

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