Posted on Apr 13, 2011
In hopes of avoiding a costly lawsuit a date has been set for a mediation session between Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Scott and Emilie Meinardi.  The Meinardi's 7-month-old baby, Tressel Meinardi died at Children's in August of 2010 following a medical mistake.  According to Michael Politis, the lawyer for the Meinardi family, the parents are seeking an explanation for the death of their baby, as well as a financial settlement of millions of dollars.

Tressel Meinardi was in the hospital for heart surgery when alcohol was flushed through his system instead of an intended saline solution.  The death was reported by Children's Hospital of August 21, 2010 to the Hamilton County coroner's office, acknowledging that alcohol was accidentally flushed through Tressel Meinardi's body instead of the saline solution.  The administration of the alcohol caused young Tressel's organs to fail. 

The coroner's office never did an autopsy because the pathologist on call decided that the death came from "complications of medical therapy", and therefore, classified the death as natural.  The death certificate filed with the Ohio Bureau of Vital statistics lists "multi-system organ failure" as the cause of death.

The Chief Deputy Coroner William Ralston is reviewing the case, but thus far hasn't found any discrepancies in what happened.  The basic information necessary is finding out exactly how the alcohol got into the machine, which involves reviewing how the machine works.   

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