Posted on May 15, 2010
Can you imagine going to a dentist's appointment and being given such a strong dose of anesthesia that your eyes begin to close, but you aren't aware that they will never open again?  Now imagine how your parents and loved ones would feel.  The following news story actually occurred to one family on May 13th. 

Now consider that same scenario you just placed yourself in, but imagine being six years old.  Jacobi Hill was a six-year old boy from Richmond, Virginia who was going in for a routine procedure.  The young boy was going to have some caps placed on his teeth, and in order to do so, the dental team at Virginia Commonwealth University put him under anesthesia to reduce any pain. 

Not long after Jacobi was placed under anesthesia, his body reacted for the worse.  The little boy fell into cardiac arrest.  He was rushed to the emergency room, but it was too late.  It is believed that within a matter of moments, Jacobi's lapse into cardiac arrest was ended by his own passing.  Surely, health officials have to give us some reason as to why this horrible situation befell this little boy.  But at the moment, they are declining to answer.

Jacobi was in relatively good health.  The only health concern Jacobi had was asthma, but this condition was made clear to both Jacobi's pediatrician and dentist.  What is really alarming is the fact that Jacobi was cleared for such a procedure just a day before.  That Monday, Jacobi had a check-up from his doctor.  The check-up was conducted to make sure that his body would react safely to the routine procedure he was scheduled to undergo the next day.  But that next day would be his last.  Unknowingly, Jacobi stepped up into that dentist chair and lost his life. 

Of course, there was a team of health officials present to oversee this procedure, and then to handle an emergency situation.  But this team of doctors, students and staff is, reportedly, bringing little comfort to the family and loved ones of Jacobi Hill.  At this point in time, the Virginia hospital where this tragedy occurred is declining any specific comments or speculation on this matter.  Instead, they are conducting an investigation to determine what exactly induced Jacobi's death and to provide the public with more answers. 

Certainly, this is a tricky situation.  It is unclear how such a healthy boy could have lost his life within a matter of moments and while under the care of multiple health officials.  But regardless, something went wrong, and Jacobi Hill lost his life because of it.  This little boy had just begun his first year of school, and his family has made no secret that they are very upset, especially because no one is able to give them any answers. 

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