Posted on Jul 15, 2010
It is now official.  A team of Doctors from Nationwide Children's Hospital have collaborated to compile a list of the top five injuries that occur during summertime.

Obviously, childre are much more active during the summer months because longer days and no school are an exciting combination.  But with summer adventures comes summer accidents; the two are practically inseperable. 

Dr. Kathy Nuss is an associate medical director of Trauma services at Nationwide Children's Hospital, and she personally corresponded with their news department to deliver to parents a detailed list of the five most common accidents, their causes, and how to avoid them.  Like we always say, just being aware of what accidents exist and how to prevent them is crucial.  So, here are the top five injuries that Dr. Nuss provided:

The good news is, more "near-drownings" are reported than actual drownings.  Regardless, the former is equally detrimental to a child's health and more likely to happen during the summer months.  Parents must know that children can drown in just a few inches of water.  Most commonly though, children drown in private swimming pools owned by family and friends or in landscaping pools.  Landscaping pools range from fountains to ponds.  The doctors from Nationwide Children's Hospital recommend "touch supervision," meaning that you should be close enough to reach out and grab your child if something should happen.  It is also very helpful if you have been trained in or are familiar with CPR techniques.  Some parents may deem it fit for their child to wear flotation aides such as life jackets, and this is recommended especially for young children. 

Nationwide Children's Hospital has a research institute with a special center designed to study injury research.  This center has found an annual trend in our country: that almost 400,000 children under the age of 19 had to be rushed to emergency rooms for bicycling accidents.  That number is pretty high.  In bicycling accidents, the limbs of the body are torn up the most, but the most critical damage comes in the form of brain injuries, often because the child has not been wearing a helmet.  Also, many of the doctors noted that children are not aware of hand signals or how to use them.  It is very important to educate your child on how to use a bike properly before they get on one.  You must also ensure that their bike is properly fitted to carry them. 

Motorized Transportation-
We've heard this one before, too. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorized cars, scooters, and golf carts are favorites of children.  Sadly, these accidents are sometimes caused by other children drivers who collide with the child or if the child is riding passenger in another child's vehicle.  But like any accident of injury situation, these can be prevented by warning your child about the consequences of driving recklessly, and as always, keeping a close eye on them at all times.

Burn Wounds-
Know that different burns typically occur for different age groups.  For example, younger children typically show up in the ER with scalds or water burns.  Which can be prevented by keeping hot sources of water such as pots on the stove away from edges where children can reach.  In older children, "flash burns" prevail.  A flash burn occurs after one has made direct contact with fire, such as at bonfires or from playing with fireworks

Dangerous Falls-
These are the worst, and typically top the list according to the doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  We often tend to think of children flying off of trampolines when we think of dangerous falls, but the most common accident scenario occurs on playgrounds, many of which have solid concrete to break a child's fall.  Try and pick playgrounds that are cushioned with substances like tire shreds or even mulch as an alternative.  And for the school months ahead, see if your child's playground is equipped with cushioning material or concrete. 

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