At Roswold Law Group, we are dedicated to helping you protect the most precious thing in your life, your children.  It is with great sadness we bring you this story, but we do it to bring attention to the rising threat presented and hope that all parents in Kansas and Missouri are doing what is necessary to teach their kids what to do if they find themselves in a similar situation.

A 9 year-old Overland Park, Kansas boy was sexually assaulted by a 14 year-old boy while playing on a playground at Heartland Elementary School.  The alleged incident unfolded when the victim and a friend went to the playground to play where there were a few other kids playing.  The victim was asked to help another kid find his glasses.  He was led to a nearby bush where the attacker pulled a knife and forced the boy to perform a sex act.  The 14 year-old is now in custody facing aggravated sex crime charges.

As experienced Kansas City Child Accident and Injury Attorneys we hope your child never has to deal with anything close to this scary situation.  The problem is, our world is changing and the dangerous threat to our children is not just coming from adults but from other kids as well.  Difficult as it may be it is more important than ever to prepare your kids for what to do if they find themselves in a similarly dangerous situation.  It is always best to be informed and prepared than not, no matter how difficult the subject matter may be.

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

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