An Olathe woman was surprised when she received a call from a Walmart Service Center manager after he informeder that the Ford Explorer she had taken in for an oil change had been damaged following a motor vehicle crash.  Jill Baker left her vehicle at an area Walmart for a routine, $35 oil change.  While an employee was moving her car, he managed to jump a curb, drive through a fence, and go over a 6-foot retaining wall, landing nose-first onto a rock ravine.  The accident caused about $9,000 in damages to a vehicle that was worth $9,600. 

Initially, Walmart did not offer to pay Baker the full amount for her vehicle; however after being contacted by local television news station, KMBC, Walmart had a change of heart and offered to pay Baker the full value of her vehicle. 

At Roswold Law Group Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we are pleased to hear that Walmart decided to offer the Baker family the value of the car even if it did take outside intervention.  Unfortunately, these types of games occur all too frequently in the auto accident world with insurance companies attempting to offer less than reasonable compensation to Kansas and Missouri motor vehicle accident victims. You can find more information on insurance company tactics in our article, Delay, Deny & Defend: Are These Truly Insurance Company Tactics? and Car Accidents ... What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You!

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