In Lenexa, Kansas this morning, a pedestrian was hit by a car near on-ramp to Interstate 35 north.  The person was taken to the hospital with what was described as moderate injuries.  The ramp to the highway was closed down temporarily to allow police to investigate the auto accident.

When there is an car accident involving a pedestrian, the true fault lies on both ends.  If you're crossing a street, whether its a street in your neighborhood, a street downtown or such as in this case, a highway on- ramp, make sure you're not only to cross in designated areas but paying attention to traffic lights, crossing signals and the flow of oncoming traffic.  Never assume a driver is paying attention.  Better to be safe than sorry.

The same advice applies to drivers.  The common courtesy to stop and allow a pedestrian to cross a street at a designated crossing.  When driving and approaching intersections keep an eyes out for pedestrians.  Even though that early morning commute to work can be a time cruncher, some times taking that extra moment to be careful is the difference between a safe commute and a trip to the hospital.

At the Roswold Law Group our personal injury attorneys encourage both pedestrians and drivers to pay attention and avoid each other and help prevent the often catastrophic injuries that arise when they fail to do so.

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