A Calgary, Ontario factory worker's arm was saved when firefighters used advanced technology to free his arm from an auger.

Around 9:00 am on Sunday, June 12, 2011,  the injured worker, in his mid-twenties, was using the auger to mix plastics when his left arm became pinned in the auger.  His arm was pulled in up to the elbow.  Police and fire were called and the incident commander called in a plasma cutter -  a high tech rescue device - from the fire department's heavy rescue unit. 

Crews used the plasma cutter to slice through the auger- a very delicate and precise operation.  It took 25 minutes to perform the very difficult extrication.  Batallion Chief Larry Fisher noted that, " with the proximity of the arm and skin, they didn't want to burn it.  They had to be really careful and take a great deal of time."

After being extricated, the man was transported to a hospital in stable condition wirth a localized injury to his arm.  Amputation wasn't necessary.  The firefighters involved in the extrication were debriefed by the critical stress team due to the stressful nature of the extrication, said Fisher.  

Injuries to an arm or a leg can result in significant disability.  If you have been injured at work in Missouri or Kansas, a Kansas City worker's compensation attorney can explain your rights under the  Workers compensation laws of your state. 
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