How many times have you had a few drinks and gotten behind the wheel of your car thinking you have only consumed a few drinks and you've only got a few blocks to get home.  Maybe you've already had a DUI and maybe you should have gotten one by now.  If you do get one, who is to blame? Your friend for letting you drive? The bartender who served you? The old man at the liquor store who sold you the case of beer and bottle of Crown Royal? That's the question presented in this story:

A restaurant in Charleston, SC is being sued for partial responsibility in the death of a 32 year-old man, killed in a drunk driving accident. The lawsuit has been filed claiming the popular restaurant, The Husk, continued to serve alcohol to Adam Burnell on December 16, 2011 just hours before Burrell was involved in a rear end collision that killed Quentin Miller.
Some counties in Kansas and Missouri are pushing for stricter punishments for repeat offenders and well they should.  The only thing that is worse than someone who makes the mistake of drinking and driving is someone that can't seem to learn from that mistake.  One DUI is too many.  Getting three or four, or seven as in the case of Matthews, is just blatantly showing no concern for others.
As Kansas City Auto Accident and Injury Lawyers we are in full support of the continued push for larger fines and increased jail times in counties across Kansas and Missouri, but its important to keep in perspective just who is responsible for drinking and driving. Ultimately it comes down to the individual. We can point fingers all the way back to the makers of the beer or alcohol or to the bottlers or farmers who harvest the barley and grains but we all know that we each are responsible for our decisions, good or bad.
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