You May be At Higher Risk for Injury!

Recent data shows that bikers over age 50 are 247 percent more likely to be injured in a motorcycle crash.  Younger malee bikers get hurt more often, but it is the older bikers who have a higher risk for injury.  And those injuries are more than just bumps and bruises.  Older bikers tend to suffer more fractures and serious internal injuries.

Why the Danger?

Some guess that the decline in motor skills, reaction times, and other elements of old age contribute to the statisitcs.  Do these statistics mean that older riders should garage their rides and give up their dreams?  Not necessarily!  For more information on how you can stay safe at any age, et your copy of our book KC Biker Bible.  This free resource is full of reat information for bikers across the metro.

Injured in a Motorcycle Crash?

Contact the Kansas City motorcycle attorneys at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys for help.  Call 888-348-2616.

James Roswold
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