According to a recent report, Kansas City-area hospitals are exceeding the national average for medical errors involving Medicare patients. The study compiles information on a ratio patients to injuries as set forth by federal hospital quality measurements. Those errors, ranking in eight categories, range from falls and broken bones to infections and even foreign objects left inside patients.

Among the 27 metro-area hospitals reviewed, they combined for an injury accident incident rate of 1.54 per 1,000 patient discharges. The national rate is 1.46.

As experienced Kansas and Missouri Medical Malpractice Attorneys, unfortunately we see cases far too often that happen because consent forms or patient wishes go either unheard or ignored. We encourage all new parents in Kansas City to make sure you are getting the right papers, including consent forms, signed and authorized to avoid any possible mis-communication.

Always ask questions even if you feel like you are repeating yourself, just to make sure doctors and nurses are on the same page and that you understand everything that is happening in your treatment, whether you or a loved one are the patient or you are the parent or guardian of a patient.

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